About Twinkle

The story about Twinkle begins at 2016, when I was in a search for a present for my god-daughter. It is nice to give handmade skirt of hair band as a gift, but it has always been important to give special gifts for my loved ones. So I came up with the idea about a backpack. I will be honest- it took a half year to make it. After this backpack there were a lot of interest from my friends, so encouraged by my friends and family – August 2017 was the official Twinkle birthday, when the world was introduced wit these backpacks. Stylish, bright, but non-childish.

Every Twinkle product is made with love and passion, which you can’t find in product from the supermarket. The visual is as much important as every functional detail of the product, so You as a buyer of follower get the best experience.

Now Twinkle has grown from design backpacks to a option to personalize, as well as products like stroller sleeping bags/footmuffs, handmufs, stroller rain covers and “matchy” parent – kid beanies. And by looking in the future, I hope this is only the visible part of the iceberg.

Why to choose Twinkle?

  • support my dream job
  • a chance to make everyday special
  • functionality